Nuclear cardiac imaging reporting made accessible to your physicians

Change Healthcare Cardiology™ Nuclear is designed to simplify the cardiology workflow in the nuclear cardiac imaging department and make reporting easy and accessible for the physician. Nuclear cardiology departments are being asked to do more with less, or at least more with what is already in place. By integrating industry leading software solutions such as Emory Cardiac Toolbox™¹, Cedars-Sinai®² Cardiac Suite or Corridor 4DM™³ you can create a workflow that works with you instead of against you. Integrating nuclear cardiac imaging into the single database Change Healthcare Cardiology CVIS brings the patient's entire cardiology medical record together to improve patient care, boost efficiencies and reduce costs while increasing physician and staff satisfaction.

To allow physicians to perform their work when and where it is convenient for them, Change Healthcare Cardiology provides Web enabled nuclear cardiac imaging and reporting capabilities, as well as dedicated workstations with advanced post-processing tools. To aid the physician in quickly building an Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Nuclear Laboratories (ICANL) compliant report, the nuclear module provides auto-population of calculated parameters from Syntermed's Emory Cardiac Toolbox into the report. Once finalized, the report is automatically distributed to the referring physician office and to the hospital medical record. To ensure accurate and timely billing, the single database design of Change Healthcare Cardiology allows the data entered in to the procedural report to be automatically extracted via Change Healthcare Cardiology Charge Manager and communicated to the hospital and physician billing staff.

Change Healthcare Cardiology Nuclear Helps to:

  • Create ICANL compliant reports with pre-populated values into the report
  • Improve physician satisfaction and report turn-around-times by making nuclear cardiac imaging review and reporting available from the web
  • Improve patient care by allowing physicians to review the current images side by side to previous cardiac exams
  • To ensure accurate and timely billing by allowing the data entered into the report to be automatically extracted via Change Healthcare Cardiology™ Charge Manager and communicated to the hospital and physician billing staff

Change Healthcare Cardiology Nuclear Features:

  • Nuclear cardiac imaging review and reporting from the web
  • Review nuclear cardiology stress images alongside the ECG data when paired with Change Healthcare Cardiology™ ECG Management.
  • Integration with Syntermed's Emory ECTb enables the import of over two dozen data elements into the report: including summed stress, rest, and difference scores; EDV, ESV and LV Mass; as well as Segment Severity Tables

¹Emory Cardiac Toolbox is a registered trademark of Emory University
²Cedar-Sinai is a registered trademark of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA.
³Corridor 4DM is a registered trademark of Invia LLC.

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