Study Share

Organise & Share Medical Imaging, Teaching Files and Reference Cases Efficiently Across the Enterprise

Change Healthcare Study Share™, an add-on solution to Change Healthcare Radiology™, is a Web- based software system that enables radiologists, and other medical imaging specialists to efficiently organise and share images, teaching files and reference case information needed during daily practice.

Change Healthcare Study Share enhances current hospital medical imaging and information management software systems by adding reference case management and clinical conferencing capabilities that result in rich, multimedia knowledge repositories, a real time-saving advantage to diagnostics, research and training efforts.

With Change Healthcare Study Share, medical imaging specialists can create and share teaching files directly from their picture archiving and communications PACS software system. The solution also enables imaging professionals to share non-DICOM files such as photos, videos and PowerPoint presentations.

Change Healthcare Study Share supports four key functions:

  • Teaching file management
  • Rounds and conferences
  • Diagnostic decision support
  • Sharing cases with colleagues

As a result, imaging specialists can leverage the imaging, RIS & PACS software systems to spend less time manually preparing and searching for documented reference cases for clinical rounds, conferences, training and research projects.

Change Healthcare Study Share Benefits

  • Enhances access to needed knowledge, resulting in improved staff training, clinical conferences, rounds and diagnostic decisions
  • Streamlines workflow by providing medical imaging specialists with faster access to peers' knowledge and an efficient means to capture and share their own evolving knowledge
  • Improves clinical care by providing the decision support that can mitigate diagnostic errors

Change Healthcare Study Share Features (features as of March 2012 include):

  • Full text search over radiology reports
  • Case Manager with improved capabilities
  • Knowledge-based search based on RAdLex anatomy
  •, a Web-based online community for radiology decision support and exchange of case knowledge, which houses the largest collection of online teaching files, serves as a global comprehensive decision support resource.
  • Change Healthcare Study Share offers additional functionality that enables users to more easily and quickly create and share teaching files directly from PACS.
  • An integrated document management system enables sharing of non-DICOM files, including pathology images, photos, videos, and PowerPoint.

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